Crystal Healing


Crystals and their healing properties are a huge influence in 60's Daughter's creations.

Each stone used has been personally hand picked & most from our adventures around the world.

As crystals absorb energy, we cleanse each crystal in the ocean and under the full moon then program them with love & good vibes to pass onto the wearer.




Birthstone: September

Healing Properties: Known as the 'Stone of Strength' Agate is excellent for balancing emotional, physical & intellectual energy which makes it a perfect stone for anyone studying.

Also a great stone for pregnant women or those with new born babies as it helps new mothers avoid the 'baby blues' and worn around the neck encourages lactation. It's warm and protective energies encourages security and self confidence.

It promotes self-analysis & self-acceptance encouraging one to speak their mind. Agate helps overcome negativity & helps let go of harbouring anger, allowing one to 'start over' which is why it is used a lot for those suffering trauma.


Birthstone: February

Healing Properties: The word 'Amethyst' means 'not intoxicated' therefore the stone is know to prevent drunkenness & overindulging, and is good for anyone struggling with addiction.

We refer to it as the 'happy stone' as it is reputed to control evil thoughts and neutralises negativity and puts a protective shield around the body.

It is a remarkable stone of spirituality & contentment and is able to still the mind which makes it a great talisman for meditation, focus & success.


Birthstone: No assigned month

Healing Properties: It is a stone of empowerment of feminine energies, the stone of the Goddess.

The Chrysocolla has a lovely calming energy and is therefore a great stone for those with nervous disorders such as anxiety & depression. It is also said to help with menstrual pain when worn.

Helps open up the Throat Chakra and allowing better communication as it aids in speaking your truth in a gentle, calm and wise way.


Birthstone: April

Healing Properties: 'When wearing the Clear Quartz it opens up your mind to higher guidance & helps accelerate your prayers & manifestation of goals to occur. 

It intensifies healing & spiritual growth. It also amplifies the vibration and healing properties of other crystals when worn together.

Known as the 'Master Healer' it is thought to stimulate the immune system & enhance energy flow to bring the body into balance. It has been used to treat headaches, migraines, vertigo & motion sickness. A perfect stone for those embarking on a new fitness plan or diet as it is believed to assist with metabolism, exhaustion & weight loss.


Birthstone: March/April (Aries)

Healing Properties: A stone of transformation, it is used and worn when you are looking to change a certain part of your life into something more desirable. Perfect if you are looking to improve yourself or start a new project.

Hematite is also a great 'mind cleanser'. It helps aid memory, gives clarity of though & helps bring order to mentally challenging situations by drawing out tension & neutralising negativity.

As the name hematite comes from the Greek word 'haimatos' meaning blood, it is believed that it helps purify blood & aids in blood related disorders & diseases. A great stone to wear for women during their monthly menstrual cycle. It is also stimulates sexual energy.


Birthstone: June

Healing Properties: Howlite is the stone of 'awareness' and can help the wearer be more attune with themselves, it aids in truly helping you be comfortable with who you truly are.

It helps absorb calcium into your bones and teeth & works well soothing muscular tension in the body. 

Also because of the awareness, attunement & calming effects of this stone it makes a great piece for meditation.


Birthstone: June

Healing Properties: A great stone for attracting prosperity.

It helps balance emotions. Wearing the mother of pearl will sooth negative emotions & allow you to embrace more positive emotions. This makes it a great stone for those having difficulty feeling or expressing love.

Mother of Pearl has a beautiful warm energy giving the wearer feelings of a mothers hug.  A recommended stone for those with abandonment issues as this lovely stone allows divine love to flow through you.


Birthstone: No assigned month.

Healing Properties: Created by titanium being bonded to a natural quartz via electricity, the quartz properties vibrate through the stone (see clear quartz properties).

As the quartz's energies are pulsating through the rainbow it is picking up each colour and therefore this stone gives you a full chakra balance and promotes positive energy.

The violet rainbow crystals promote enlightenment & intuition while the blue rainbow crystals help us trust our inner voice, dreams & passions so we can express ourselves in an honest & authentic way.


Birthstone: Taurus

Healing Properties: Known as the stone of 'unconditional love'. It helps the wearer see love & beauty within themselves, others, nature and everything surrounding.

Rose Quartz helps with blood pressure issues and anything to do with the heart or circulatory. It is known to help dispel toxins from the body.

It  is also known to be protective to pregnant women & their foetus & also help with fertility.